Saturday, January 31, 2009

First Appointment

I had my first antenatal appointment yesterday. It didn't go that well. I had Kalyani with me and the time was just too long for her. Just picture trying to hear the baby's heartbeat over all her crying. Very difficult! Next time I might not bring her along. But it was pretty cool to hear the existence of this baby. It makes it a lot more real. I find it amazing that there is going to be another little person join our family with certain familiarities that make them part of our us yet an individual at the same time.

Oh last night I went along to my first Tupperware party in over 10 years. Apparently I was told the products have changed somewhat in that time. Well definitely the colours have. I got to catch up with some of the Mums from my Mums' group which was very nice. We don't see each other very often nowdays. And congratulations to Mel and Phil who are also expecting their second due in June.

Gotta to finish this off Kalyani and I are going to be cooking crepes for breakfast and she's urging me to COME!!

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