Sunday, January 11, 2009

The End of Holidays

And back to work! Well I had one day back and that was enough. So tired! Also it has been so hot here ever since Christmas day which was lovely and pleasant. Bring on some Melbourne weather!

Here are some photos from this past week. Kalyani trying out the bubble machine she got for Christmas.

Mum's feet have shrunk? Kalyani trying out my new crocs.

Concentrating on making sure that bowl is completely clean. For not being a baking person, it seems like I have been cooking a lot of cakes lately. Mainly because this girl loves helping. Well now it hasn't gotten to the point that its more like Mum helping her. She does all the adding of ingredients (which Mum has measured) and stirring and of course, licking the spoons and bowl. I hope this interest in cooking she has at the moment just continues to grow.

Speaking of food- this is what I cooked for one of our meals this week. Lovely bream! Didn't realise when I bought it that I would have to scale and gut it. Whenever we went fishing growing up I use to get my brothers or my Dad to do that job. Somehow managed it though! This is all because I want to be more intentional this year to buy and cook our meals with local produce. I am also hoping to cook vegetarian meals more regularly. Shared that one with my poor meat-loving husband who wasn't overjoyed. See how that goes...

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