Monday, January 19, 2009

Down South

We did a quick but busy trip down to Harvey and Eaton this past weekend to catch up with immediate family and our dear friend Miriam. Here are a few photos we took...

Kalyani and Nanna- how hard to get the toy to stay out of the mouth for a photo. Didn't succeed!

Wow a dog that actually doesn't mind young kids patting him. Kalyani thought that was great fun! Below- the ice cream face.
Hogging the layabout from everyone else including Mum and Dad and having a brief rest. Kalyani was on the go the whole time and didn't sleep as well as she does at home. Infact below is proof of how industrious a two year old can be in the 5 minutes between being checked on when she is meant to be going to sleep.

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