Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Urban Bush Walk

Here are some photos from a walk we did around our neighbourhood on Sunday. The hat was Kalyani's choice for the walk. Yep that will protect you from the sun girl! I have been trying to be more consistent with exercising this past month with the idea of developing some long term habits. So this was a family effort at getting some exercise. While this may sound like a great improvement in practice I am only actually walking or bike riding about twice a week. How do people find time to do more?? I know I could get up at 6am and do something. But that's a hard one to find the motivation for. How do you make time for exercise?

The other thing this walk means is that my back has improved to the point that I can actually comfortably do a decent walk. I am seeing another physio who uses the Sarah Key approach to back problems and she has me doing a lot of stretches and strengthening exercises each night. The result is that the unrelenting pain has decreased a lot and I have more movement in my spine. Best of all it has given me direction in dealing with a long term health issue which I felt like there was no hope for improvement for.

This girl loves running and because Mum and Dad don't have as much energy she soon becomes a speck in the distance now days.

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