Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let me make a mess Mum!

We have been making lots of these lately. Kalyani likes making a block tower as tall as possible with Mum and Dad's help.

Then this is the result- no more tower and blocks all over the floor. Lots of fun! Other activities we have been doing together- cooking biscuits, painting (Kalyani convinced me to let her use my scrapbooking paints), cleaning up toys (though sometimes that ends up being a Mum only activity), reading books and praying.

Wow- only 4 days to holidays and of course Christmas! This year we are meeting up with a few other families from our connect group at church and having lunch together at a park on Christmas day. Looking forward to that! Though first have to get through a very busy couple of days at work. Hit and I will both have a week and a half off work. For me I need to catch up on a lot of the work that won't get done while I am away.

May you and your family have a safe and fun Christmas season!

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