Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random pics from this week!

Its amazing what cats put up with! This girl is very affectionate and loves giving the cat a cuddle and patting it any chance she gets. She even tries to tempt the cat to come her way by leaving a trail of food. When that strategy doesn't work Mum makes her clean it up.

We are a one car family at the moment and so the park is one of the few places that is accessible by walking. Bonus that it also provides a lot of fun playing!
Even time for a few tears when things don't go our way.
Down the slide and then back up again whatever way you can. And then down again...
Mum looks longingly at the bench. Oh to sit down and have a rest!
Kalyani decides to use it instead and has fun trying on Mum's hat and posing.
One final climb on anything... Here's the sign to sit on. Meanwhile Mum is half way down the road - come on Kalyani. Why is the life of a two year old all about interruptions?

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