Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How many weeks to Christmas?

I was reminded this morning at MOPS when they had us making Christmas decorations that Christmas is really not that far away. I think I am at a turning point this year (hopefully) in how I look at celebrating this holiday.

We are one of those families that doesn't know 12 months in advance what we are doing at Christmas. We don't have a lot of big family get-togethers to be at because some of our family don't live in the same city and we don't have a tradition of getting together. The plus side of this is that we don't struggle with being in two places at once, trying to please everyone and driving from one place to the other. Christmas is usually quiet and restful! The down side is that every year I actually have to decide what we are going to do- sometimes we join another family, sometimes we visit friends or sometimes we stay home by ourselves. And its easy to feel like we are missing out on something not being a part of an extended family Christmas.

So I am now starting to realise that I can't use my family of origin as an excuse for not having a traditional Christmas. And the "try and ignore its Christmas" approach doesn't work too well either. Its time that we choose what traditions we want to start and continue on for this new family especially with Kalyani growing up with us now. Interesting side note- Christmas was not one of the holidays Hitendra grew up celebrating with his family. They had other special occasions like Diwali. So thinking about what traditions that might include? Definitely not Carols by Candlelight. But stuff like fruit cake and fruit mince pies-yum!

So how is your family celebrating the Christmas holiday this year?

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