Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wildflower Season

The wildflowers are out and I got to enjoy them close up when we went on a Dunsborough community bush walk on someone's property on the weekend. It actually gets a bit addictive after a while trying to spot new flowers, especially the orchids. Coming back to surburbia, our gardens seemed almost dull and boring in comparison. Here's some of what we found...

Fauna as well... we saw a young bobtail lizard.

Wildflower spotters in action.

The gorgeous rattle orchid. It actually makes a rattling sound when it moves.

The cheerful cowslip orchid.

A beautiful enamel orchid.

An amazing mantis orchid.

And of course the kangaroo paw...

Disclaimer: we were given a lot the scientific names which just went over my head. Hence my brief descriptions.

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