Monday, October 20, 2008


1) This amazing girl- fun, expressive, active. She's a whiz on her scooter.

2) Baby Ariyeh been given the all clear with his heart and this being after open heart surgery was thought to be the most likely option. Thankyou God!

3) Getting to chat with my Aunty Kath tonight, phoning all the way from the Philippines. And for DVDS like the Wiggles which keep young girls such as Kalyani occupied while Mum is on the phone. And ... patient husbands.

4) Being able to finish reading a great book, secret mothers business by Joanne Fedler. And going to the library and getting a new lot of books out to read. Yep that's my idea of fun!

5) Being able to listen to Nicole Connor speak in church yesterday on help for modern day desert dwellers. That definitely is an accurate description of this season of my life! Do we have a genie in a bottle view of God or not? Encouraging to hear that there are times when God chooses not to speak and it seems like he has left us and somehow we still choose to have faith in him. Podcast it if you can.

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