Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zoo Photos

First you greet the guests. Kalyani and Hannah giving each other a hug. They had a great time playing together especially when we stopped for lunch. Thanks everyone that came- it was great spending time with you and celebrating Kalyani's birthday together. Much appreciated!

Ari looking super cool!
Next you check out all the animals. Monkeys, zebras, giraffes etc. You can't always predict what animals you will get to see (the croccodile was a big thing and yet ended up not being in the main viewing area) and which part of the animal. See the zebras...

These giant tortoises are amazing.. check out what Kalyani thought of them. Not too sure...
Next is lunch.
Then you open presents. Kalyani and Hannah were really cute walking around with the gift bags together. Their Mums reckon they are NOT taking after them with the pretending to go shopping thing.
And finally you get to go and see the tigers- one of the highlights. Then off home after a very tiring but lovely day!

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