Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Greatest Dad!

Thank goodness for things like daycare or school- anything that helps kids come up with something for Father's Day without Mum having to get too involved. This certificate Kalyani brought home with her from Family Daycare. A very Happy Father's Day to all the dads! Hope you were shown in some way how much you are appreciated and how valuable your role is!

I got to finish another page this afternoon and... it only took me a hour!! That's really quick for me! I followed some of the prompts Lusi gave for recovering her missing mojo over on her blog. Well it certainly helped me scrap a photo I had been stuck on for ages. The other thing that helped was cutting it down to 1 photo instead of the 3 I was trying to scrap. Now only 5 pages to go-yeh!

Quick work update- I have accepted another position at the business I currently work at in another area of Accounts. It means changing to 3 days a week rather than 2 days. I am feeling abit apprehensive about it but also excited about doing something different. Hopefully our family (including me) will adjust to the change ok. And my preference would be too that this is only temporary- my heart is to be more at home!

Talking of home I got two books by Jill Savage in the mail on Friday that I got through ScrapofFaith challenges. Check out the new challenges they have up for September. Reading one called Professionalizing Motherhood. Its an encouraging read so far...

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