Thursday, September 11, 2008

Give thanks!

Haven't had much time or energy to scrap or read or do anything much for myself this week. We are getting use to the change in me working an extra day. By tonight Kalyani and I were both very tired and getting very grumpy with each other. Thank goodness for early bedtimes!

But one thing I did read from a book called You matter more than you think by Dr Leslie Parrott that spoke to me was about practicing gratitude. She was speaking in the context of how being grateful for the painful situations in your life actually enables you to move forward and experience healing and freedom. For me it was the idea of being intentional about giving thanks. And so I have been using some of the extra driving time I have going to and from work to express thanks for some situations I have been finding frustrating lately. Hmm- not sure how this will influence the outcome of the situations but I sure do have more peace and a more hopeful perspective. I want to try and continue this as a habit rather than the habit of complaining and whinging...

Talking of gratitude. Got this package in the mail this week. Thanks so much Sharmaine for your thoughtfulness! Can't wait to use some of it in the weeks to come.

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  1. You are welcome ;)
    Glad it arrived and can't wait to see the creations you use things on.