Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blown Away

We have just got back from a weekend away with our connect group from church. We (12 of us including kids) stayed in a house together on a campsite near Jarrahdale. We were surrounded by bush which I love.

I was thinking this week as I was reading the latest Scrapbook Creations mag how creative and beautiful peoples' pages are. Comparing that to reading the bible which I struggle being motivated to do a lot of the time. The bible is just not as visually appealing! That got me thinking about how God does express his creativity- nature is one big layout! And then in people- His own creation. Ok our layouts really cannot compare to that... Then to consider that this creative and inspiring God is the author of the Word. There's more motivation for opening the bible.

So was so glad that we had the opportunity to enjoy God's creativity this past weekend.

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  1. Hi Jane - just at Sheryl's and have enjoyed checking out the updates on your blog! We were out today at Eagle Bay and enjoying creation very much also. Spring has come early down here and the wildflowers are stunning and prolific!!! Yet to catch site of a whale, but there is still plenty of time as it is early in the season. Keep up the beautiful blogging!