Monday, September 29, 2008

A Glorious Day!

This was so what we needed today! After several cold, overcast and rainy days it was great to be outside and soaking up the sunshine. For the first time in almost a year we decided to head out to the closest beach to us (about 1/2 hr drive) and have a picnic lunch. Kalyani, the observer, watched what the other kids were doing and then decided she wanted to be in the water too. Too cold for me I got to lie in the sun. So relaxing! Everyone had a lot of fun!

How thankful I am for days like today! A reminder in the midst of some stressful stuff happening in our lives that life can be good. Kalyani handed me a book this morning and I happened to read a chapter on showing grace in your family relationships. That was timely for me. One aspect of grace is that we are loved and accepted regardless of our behaviour. Yesterday I had one of those days when I could not recall any pleasant moments I had with Kalyani and went to bed feeling like such a terrible a parent. Lots of condemnation! Thank goodness that how badly we behave does not affect our heavenly Father's love for us.

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus...

A big part of my struggle to show grace to Kalyani and Hit lately and consequently relate badly is because I haven't been making the effort to spend time with God each day. Its only when I start feeling really dry - like I have come to the end of myself and have no more inner resources to respond well to people, situations etc that I work it out. Arrh- why do I leave it until I am really desperate? My pride of course, thinking I can live my life successfully on my own. How thankful I am for grace!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Something I Love

This is what I got up to last night...

I finished off this layout on Ari's first birthday which was back in January.

Then used these photos of Kalyani taken at 17 months- how that seems a long time ago and it was only the beginning of the year. This was my take on a sketch up on the Pagemaps blog. I had heaps of fun trying some new techniques. My first time machine stitching and tearing paper- there's something very therapeutic about ripping up stuff! Then I had a go at painting on transparency to make my own frame.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Anyone scrapping tonight?

All is quiet! I have the house to myself tonight- Hit's out on a community bush walk. Hmm- not sure how much they will see walking at night. Kalyani is actually here but in bed. She's been sick with a tummy bug- poor girl! So I thought I would get through some pages seeing I have barely done any over the last couple of weeks. I am looking forward to playing around and maybe completing a few challenges as well.

Friday, September 19, 2008

13 and a half months old

OK only 4 layouts to go using photos from 2007 and like always I seem to struggle with inspiration for the last couple. So went out and got a whole lot of photos printed this week. That inspires me- having lots to choose from! So now no excuse to not scrap a page or two...

Update Coming

But meanwhile here are some photos taken in the backyard this past week.

Since most of the time I am behind the camera I have to take my own photo.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blown Away

We have just got back from a weekend away with our connect group from church. We (12 of us including kids) stayed in a house together on a campsite near Jarrahdale. We were surrounded by bush which I love.

I was thinking this week as I was reading the latest Scrapbook Creations mag how creative and beautiful peoples' pages are. Comparing that to reading the bible which I struggle being motivated to do a lot of the time. The bible is just not as visually appealing! That got me thinking about how God does express his creativity- nature is one big layout! And then in people- His own creation. Ok our layouts really cannot compare to that... Then to consider that this creative and inspiring God is the author of the Word. There's more motivation for opening the bible.

So was so glad that we had the opportunity to enjoy God's creativity this past weekend.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Give thanks!

Haven't had much time or energy to scrap or read or do anything much for myself this week. We are getting use to the change in me working an extra day. By tonight Kalyani and I were both very tired and getting very grumpy with each other. Thank goodness for early bedtimes!

But one thing I did read from a book called You matter more than you think by Dr Leslie Parrott that spoke to me was about practicing gratitude. She was speaking in the context of how being grateful for the painful situations in your life actually enables you to move forward and experience healing and freedom. For me it was the idea of being intentional about giving thanks. And so I have been using some of the extra driving time I have going to and from work to express thanks for some situations I have been finding frustrating lately. Hmm- not sure how this will influence the outcome of the situations but I sure do have more peace and a more hopeful perspective. I want to try and continue this as a habit rather than the habit of complaining and whinging...

Talking of gratitude. Got this package in the mail this week. Thanks so much Sharmaine for your thoughtfulness! Can't wait to use some of it in the weeks to come.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Greatest Dad!

Thank goodness for things like daycare or school- anything that helps kids come up with something for Father's Day without Mum having to get too involved. This certificate Kalyani brought home with her from Family Daycare. A very Happy Father's Day to all the dads! Hope you were shown in some way how much you are appreciated and how valuable your role is!

I got to finish another page this afternoon and... it only took me a hour!! That's really quick for me! I followed some of the prompts Lusi gave for recovering her missing mojo over on her blog. Well it certainly helped me scrap a photo I had been stuck on for ages. The other thing that helped was cutting it down to 1 photo instead of the 3 I was trying to scrap. Now only 5 pages to go-yeh!

Quick work update- I have accepted another position at the business I currently work at in another area of Accounts. It means changing to 3 days a week rather than 2 days. I am feeling abit apprehensive about it but also excited about doing something different. Hopefully our family (including me) will adjust to the change ok. And my preference would be too that this is only temporary- my heart is to be more at home!

Talking of home I got two books by Jill Savage in the mail on Friday that I got through ScrapofFaith challenges. Check out the new challenges they have up for September. Reading one called Professionalizing Motherhood. Its an encouraging read so far...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zoo Photos

First you greet the guests. Kalyani and Hannah giving each other a hug. They had a great time playing together especially when we stopped for lunch. Thanks everyone that came- it was great spending time with you and celebrating Kalyani's birthday together. Much appreciated!

Ari looking super cool!
Next you check out all the animals. Monkeys, zebras, giraffes etc. You can't always predict what animals you will get to see (the croccodile was a big thing and yet ended up not being in the main viewing area) and which part of the animal. See the zebras...

These giant tortoises are amazing.. check out what Kalyani thought of them. Not too sure...
Next is lunch.
Then you open presents. Kalyani and Hannah were really cute walking around with the gift bags together. Their Mums reckon they are NOT taking after them with the pretending to go shopping thing.
And finally you get to go and see the tigers- one of the highlights. Then off home after a very tiring but lovely day!

My First 6 by 12 page

This one is based on a sketch up on the Pagemaps blog which is open until the 7th Sept. Since I had no current photos that were suitable I ended up choosing one from my scrap pile. Those that get printed and then not used on a page. This one of my niece from a couple of years ago. Actually we got to catch up with them yesterday- thanks Hazel for the gorgeous rugs you made for Kalyani.