Monday, August 4, 2008

Washing machines and frogs

Wow- there are definately times when I experience how God is in control of the details of my life. This past week has been like that. It has also been super busy and Hit, Kalyani and I have all pretty much crashed tonight. Anyway last Tuesday our washing machine stopped working and very nosily too. Amazingly it was at the very end of the 4th load of washing I was doing for the day. So that meant we needed to get a replacement washing machine but it could wait to the weekend. Well we bought a Simpsons front loader and another amazing thing (thanks God!) was that from the 1st Aug a few of the machines had supplier rebates on them. Good thing the machine didn't break down the week before :)

Another cool thing that happened this past week was Kalyani's day carer had a few days free. I think that's the first time this year. That meant I could travel down to Mandurah to catch up with Dawn without having to take Kalyani. Great for her too because she got to play all day rather than travel lots in the car with Mum. Boring! Also with my back not being so good it made the day more restful for me. How thankful I am that God looks after us in so many ways!

Here is a page I completed on the weekend of some photos I took of a gorgeous frog I saw in our garden. Look what you find when you don't weed very often :)

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