Saturday, August 23, 2008

Suites us fine!

I have been struggling a bit this past week- fighting off a last winter cold. The following verse has been coming back to me. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." That seems so crazy and yet I am glad that is how God works!

So if anyone was to peer in at me or asked Kalyani what Mum was like this week they would have found me singing and singing a lot! Some days I don't have the energy or faith or whatever to pray or study the bible. So I sing anything that gets my attention on God and off myself and how lousy I am feeling.

Five things to be thankful for:
1) A day off work on Thursday! Hurrah!!
2) Hitendra also had the day off and then Friday as well.
3) Kalyani didn't and still went to daycare.
4) So we got to go shopping and have lunch out together and spend time without our gorgeous daughter around. So nice!
5) Even though I wasn't feeling the best I had some special moments with Kalyani during the week.

and ok have to a 6) Getting some projects started and almost finished. I have completed 4 chairs and they look really good. Then I started on some sewing - hmm not sure how that project will go. And bought a couple of plants for the garden (a banksia and grevillea) - that's a project (our garden) I'm taking one small step at a time.

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