Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Weekend

Yes there's a lot of jaffas and m&ms here. Kalyani and I visited my brother on Saturday because Hit had to do an extra day at work. But yeh he gets 4 days off in a row this week. Daniel gave me a whole lot of lollies he couldn't sell because they were slightly damaged. I took some into work yesterday. Luckily I am not a huge lolly person and Kalyani doesn't even know what they are yet.
Oh I finally started on stapling the covers onto the chairs. Thanks for the nagging Mum! I got two finished and they do look really good. Only... only 4 to go!
Then Hitendra unpacked the table and chairs set we got for Kalyani's birthday (which is only 2 weeks away). One of the first things she did was set herself and bear down and do some drawing. I got creative and used some of the packaging from it on this layout of Kalyani trying out her paddling pool at the beginning of summer last year.

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