Sunday, August 31, 2008

Only 7 pages to go

This photo is of Kalyani taken about a year ago. She had just started walking then. Wow - how things change! It means I now have only 7 layouts to go in our 2007 album. How do you organise what photos you scrap? Me- I am doing it in yearly albums and since I only started scrapping at the beginning of 2007 I started on our 2006 photos. So I am a little bit behind but catching up and getting to the end of an album has a momentum of its own. Yeh!

Happy Birthday Kalyani

This was our birthday girl- two today! What a treasure she is! This was her smiling for the camera when asked by Mum to.

Saved from the dinner table!

Boy was I seriously considering whether to keep our four chooks or get rid of them. They hadn't been laying any eggs for months which was abit disappointing for 3 year old chooks. Hitendra solved the puzzle when he was playing with Kalyani in the backyard.

Well I had been letting them out of their pen a lot more lately and they had found a secret spot in the backyard to lay their eggs. So I promptly let them out and one of the hens heads off there straight away to lay an egg. Caught ya!

We had a great time at the zoo yesterday. Adults and kids enjoyed seeing all the animals. Photos are coming soon. Thanks to everyone that came along and enjoyed the day with us. It was great spending time with you.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Off to the zoo tomorrow

I am at home tonight and I am meant to be cooking a birthday cake for Kalyani. She turns 2 on Sunday! We are off to the zoo tomorrow morning to meet up with family and friends. It should be a great time! I didn't realise that so many people were interested in checking out the animals. Having kids does give you opportunity to do things you wouldn't normally make time to do I reckon.

I am also feeling the disappointment of not getting a job I applied for this week. I had the interview today and they've already let me know I wasn't chosen. Though something else that has come out of it is that I have been considered for another position in my current workplace. It would mean working 3 days a week- I only work 2 days at the moment. But I am so wanting a change in what I am doing. Really my heart is to be at home more...

You have to check out Sharmaine's entry in the last round for Project Scrapaway. Her work is amazing! I love the theme she chose.

Ok better go and make that cake. Our daughter is so funny... I was singing Happy Birthday to her to prepare her for tomorrow and she starts blowing at the end of the song. She already knows it has something to do with blowing out candles!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carebear is EVERYWHERE!!

Ok I have just finished a layout featuring the carebear Kalyani was given last Christmas and there I am in Target this morning and I spot carebear undies ... for Women! Well Kalyani thought that was cool but I am not ready yet to wear carebear nickers.

How did you spend your Sat morning?

On our Sat morning we walked down the river with some friends and had a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and fresh bread with hot chai (the real thing people!). It was very relaxing sitting in the sunshine and chatting. Hitendra took lots of photos and Kalyani had a absolute ball playing in the water. The water was SO cold and yet it didn't seem to bother her. By the end all the clothes were off and she was very wet but happy.

Style Swap

How cool to have a friend's page in your album! Well my friend Dawn and I decided to swap photos. I got to give her some I was stuck on and she sent me some photos of her gorgeous niece and nephew. It is also great because we don't live near each other so we don't get to scrap together. Here's the end result.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Suites us fine!

I have been struggling a bit this past week- fighting off a last winter cold. The following verse has been coming back to me. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." That seems so crazy and yet I am glad that is how God works!

So if anyone was to peer in at me or asked Kalyani what Mum was like this week they would have found me singing and singing a lot! Some days I don't have the energy or faith or whatever to pray or study the bible. So I sing anything that gets my attention on God and off myself and how lousy I am feeling.

Five things to be thankful for:
1) A day off work on Thursday! Hurrah!!
2) Hitendra also had the day off and then Friday as well.
3) Kalyani didn't and still went to daycare.
4) So we got to go shopping and have lunch out together and spend time without our gorgeous daughter around. So nice!
5) Even though I wasn't feeling the best I had some special moments with Kalyani during the week.

and ok have to a 6) Getting some projects started and almost finished. I have completed 4 chairs and they look really good. Then I started on some sewing - hmm not sure how that project will go. And bought a couple of plants for the garden (a banksia and grevillea) - that's a project (our garden) I'm taking one small step at a time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Weekend

Yes there's a lot of jaffas and m&ms here. Kalyani and I visited my brother on Saturday because Hit had to do an extra day at work. But yeh he gets 4 days off in a row this week. Daniel gave me a whole lot of lollies he couldn't sell because they were slightly damaged. I took some into work yesterday. Luckily I am not a huge lolly person and Kalyani doesn't even know what they are yet.
Oh I finally started on stapling the covers onto the chairs. Thanks for the nagging Mum! I got two finished and they do look really good. Only... only 4 to go!
Then Hitendra unpacked the table and chairs set we got for Kalyani's birthday (which is only 2 weeks away). One of the first things she did was set herself and bear down and do some drawing. I got creative and used some of the packaging from it on this layout of Kalyani trying out her paddling pool at the beginning of summer last year.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hippy Shopping

Ok I think our friend Miriam's hippy attitude is rubbing off on me.  We had quite a few conversations about making environmental changes in our lives when she stayed with us recently.  What will happen next time she stays with us????  Last night I did our food shopping (night time now as Kalyani won't sit in the trolley for very long when I take her during the day and then I end up running around the shops after her) and here are some of the organic products I bought.   Though must clarify that some of the products were reduced and I am definately one for shopping by specials!  Bonus if they are also organic and fairtrade.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Nature walk

The theme for this month at Faith Perspective is finding God in nature.  So feeling very uninspired with a whole day at home with Kalyani (I function much better when I am busy and have stuff planned though I know it is good for me to have quiet days) I decided to take us on a long walk near our house.  The idea being to find some refreshment and inspiration in nature.  It ended up being a very, very slow walk and it made me realise more than anything how tired I was.  So I had a nap in the afternoon and did some reading.  Poor Kalyani she came down with a cold later in the day.  And there was Mum making her do so much walking. :)  Actually we did have fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Layout Shares

I am really getting into using stuff on a page that's from anywhere. Like the first layout I used one of Kalyani's paintings (she has A LOT) and covered it with one of Hit's transparencies left over from his Uni studies. I wasn't sure how the paint and paper would affect the photos over the long term. The pipe cleaner is also off one of her artworks. Then today I was saving some old torn pages from a book that were about to go out with the rubbish. I am sure that they will be great on a layout somewhere! :)

The second layout is of Kalyani trying to fold her own cloth nappies as she saw me doing. Very cute!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dreading it but it turned out great!

This past weekend was one of those weekends I spent all week dreading.  Not because it was going to be horrible.  Simply because we had so many things on and I was unable to imagine how I would get through everything.  But the amazing thing is that I am not as tired or drained as I thought I would be even after working today- thanks God!  And I got to spend time with some great people over the weekend.  

We got to go to Craigh's 3o something birthday party :) and join in with celebrating the start of the Olympics with a few games of our own.

We also got to catch up with some friends visiting from Adelaide and their two kids.  Kalyani had great fun playing with them and running around the house after each other- very noisy!  

Then Sunday I ended up doing my Kidzchurch roster (boy do I find it hard to make decisions sometimes about what I should be prioritising)  and then going to a Tear afternoon with our good friend Miriam who was staying with us this past week.  The speakers were Karin and Vinoth Ramachandra from Sri Lanka and what they presented was very thought provoking about faith and the workplace.  But the cool thing for me was that I had actually met Karin over 10 years ago when we were both in India with YWAM.  So I got to chat with her abit about her life and mine- living cross culturally as a woman, cross cultural marriages, YWAM/ TEAR.  I think for me it was a reminder of some of the things I use to be passionate about back then.  Maybe that's some of that stuff I am to look at again... hmm.  This was Karin's first visit to Perth and I just happend to meet up with her.  I am amazed at how God works out events in my life!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Enjoying the sunshine

Kalyani and I have been outside today enjoying the beautiful sunshine after a morning at MOPS.  She played in her old baby bath she found in the shed while I got stuck into some weeding.  

Another layout (yeh- I am getting some done!) that was based on a sketch from page maps.  Photos were taken of Kalyani during Nov last year.  Looking back it seems like she has grown so much.  Still have to do the journalling for it. 

Monday, August 4, 2008

Washing machines and frogs

Wow- there are definately times when I experience how God is in control of the details of my life. This past week has been like that. It has also been super busy and Hit, Kalyani and I have all pretty much crashed tonight. Anyway last Tuesday our washing machine stopped working and very nosily too. Amazingly it was at the very end of the 4th load of washing I was doing for the day. So that meant we needed to get a replacement washing machine but it could wait to the weekend. Well we bought a Simpsons front loader and another amazing thing (thanks God!) was that from the 1st Aug a few of the machines had supplier rebates on them. Good thing the machine didn't break down the week before :)

Another cool thing that happened this past week was Kalyani's day carer had a few days free. I think that's the first time this year. That meant I could travel down to Mandurah to catch up with Dawn without having to take Kalyani. Great for her too because she got to play all day rather than travel lots in the car with Mum. Boring! Also with my back not being so good it made the day more restful for me. How thankful I am that God looks after us in so many ways!

Here is a page I completed on the weekend of some photos I took of a gorgeous frog I saw in our garden. Look what you find when you don't weed very often :)