Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our first Saturday off together!!

As Hit wasn't working this past Sat we were all able to go along to Sarah's birthday party at HJs  in Karrinyup.  Though I think Kalyani had the best time - up and down the slides a dozen times or more.

Timothy and Sarah walking to HJs from Sarah's house.  I don't know how people go shopping at Karrinyup.  There was no parking for a mile around.  Luckily these guys live walking distance from where we needed to go. Sarah blowing out her candles (below) and Kalyani looking very concerned about not getting a piece of cake.  She ended up having two pieces!!

Playtime on the play equipment and then back home for some rest time!

This is my latest project- recovering this set of chairs I got for $20.  I know what a bargain.  Its taking me a while though to finish it.

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