Monday, July 28, 2008

My Pet Pic and other Ramblings

 I finally got Hit to take a photo of me and one of our "pets" for a Kidzchurch competition at Riverview church.  Apparently our heads will get chopped off and the kids have to match the pet to the volunteer.  So our lucky chooks got chased around the backyard for 5 minutes or more until I caught one.

Kalyani was very funny this afternoon.  She is using a lot more words lately and a new one she was saying today was Hot.  She was sure she was feeling hot as she get telling me and really did need to take her jacket off even though the temperature felt very cold to me.  Then she insisted that I was feeling hot too and attempted to take my jacket off.  All my exaggerated shivering did not convince her.  What a strong personality she has!  

I am looking forward to catching up with my good friend Dawn this week.  Hopefully we will be able to do some scrapbooking.  Yeh!  Mostly I scrap on my own though occasionally I go to Hit for some creative advice when I get stuck.  Actually the other day I even thought of letting Kalyani loose on my cardstock when I was really stuck on how to scrap some particular photos.  Maybe some drawing, finger painting, some stickers etc might inspire me.  However I didn't have the courage to go through with that idea.  What if I never get my scrapbooking space back from Kalyani again??

Oh I am making abit of progress with my recovering chairs project.  On the weekend I got the foam for the seats cut so now we just have to staple all the fabric on and put them all back together.  Hopefully it will be finished in a week or two.  I realised that they have been sitting there literally for a few months now.

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