Friday, July 11, 2008


Wow- we got to celebrate Hit's birthday yesterday.  Michelle and Chris and baby Adele came over for dinner and we had one of Hit's favourite Aussie dishes, lasagne.  Then I organised to have a selection of Indian sweets for desert, barfee, ladoos and gulab jamuns.  Yummy and very sugary!   Hit got given on his birthday a video projector from his work.  Cool lots of movie nights at our house!  Bring your own popcorn peoples.

And also a very happy birthday to the beautful Miss Sarah who turned 5 yesterday.

Some good news- Hit has been given Saturdays off which means he'll have an actual weekend.  I'm looking forward to it and hopefully we will be a little bit less tired by the time Sunday comes around.

I started on a some more scrapbooking the other night but I need to find the time to finish it.  I solved the lack of inspiration by getting a whole lot of photos printed.  Since it normally takes me heaps of time to do anything my creative strategy was to complete a page as quickly as possible and not think so much about it.  Hmm- sort of worked! :)  Have to put them up here soon...

NB  This post is thanks to the Wiggles who have been keeping Kalyani occupied while I write.  We share the computer screen.

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