Friday, June 20, 2008

Reflections on My Journey

Lately I have been doing a lot of searching and praying along the lines of "what is it that God has gifted me to do?" outside of my role as a mother and wife.  It is an option to concentrate solely on those areas but for me that is not enough.  Earlier this year we listened to a speaker on DVD in our connect group about how it is best when we work in the areas of our strengths and how we are to  be moving towards that.  I feel like I have been trying to do that through blogging, scrapping and a few other things.  Yet I am stuck with what that looks like in my work situation.  

This week I started a reading a book called "The smart woman's guide to staying at home" by Melissa Hill.  Yes it does have quite a few chapters on home management.  It is always good to learn a few more shortcuts!  However she also spends a lot of the book talking about living creatively and being inspired through fun & silliness (yep- kids are definately great for that), applying wisdom in our lives and enjoying beauty.  Interestingly I do feel like I am more creative now than I have ever been in my life. It got me thinking also how I am so blessed to be friends with some very interesting and creative women who do inspire me.     

Anway hopefully there will be a time soon to make a change in what work I am doing or at least to be moving in that direction.  

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