Friday, June 27, 2008

My Five things

Five things I am thankful for this morning (typing this before everything starts for the day):

1) I have a friend and two of her kids coming to visit this morning. Yeh!

2) My gorgeous, hard working, encouraging husband.

3) God's strength especially at times when I don't feel I have even enough strength to finish the day.

4) Our gorgeous daughter who makes me laugh heaps.

5) For all the wonderful friends that God has blessed me with. It is a joy and encouragement to spend time with you.

Another week gone. This week I changed my hours at work slightly but it means that we leave a hour earlier on than those days. Ah- getting out of bed before 7am.

Just thought of...

6) The great pack of stuff I received from Country Scrapbooking yesterday in the mail. How nice to get home and have something to open. Kalyani thought it was super fun as well.

Have a wonderful day!

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