Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jumping in Puddles

I finally developed some more photos yesterday and so I can get started on some new layouts.  I have been missing scrapbooking and especially being motivated by all the LO I have been checking out on people's blogs.  Amazing work! 

But that's the reason I don't have any photos of the children's birthday party Kalyani and I went to this morning.  Yep I actually remembered the camera this time but I left the SD memory card in my wallet.  Yipes!  We had lots of fun- there was heaps of food, games, face painting, lollies, kids, games- said that already.  The girl's Mum did an incredible job.  We all reckon she could be paid to do birthday parties.  So Kalyani ate 4 pieces of fairy bread for lunch and then had 2 pieces  of chocolate cake.  I wonder how she will be this afternoon...

These are some photos from last week of Kalyani playing in the puddles out the back of our house.  Mum even had a go jumping in the water.  It was a lot of fun!  

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