Saturday, May 24, 2008

What to cook for dinner?

Who feels unmotivated to cook at times??  That's definately me!! Does anyone have any good ideas?  We were talking about this issue with friends last night.  Especially when you are having to cook every night, it is hard to be inspired.  

My answer to the "I can't be bothered cooking tonight" dilema other than takeaway is to now have a few really easy meals on standby.  I like cooking a stirfry (any vegies we have, can be frozen, with meat or nuts or tofu) and then chucking a couple of packets of noodles in with it.  I like it because it all cooks in the one dish and it seems fairly healthy too.  Another easy meal that we do is the Indian ready made packets.  This is mainly because I can't get Hit to eat the Aussie easy meal of baked beans on toast or poached eggs.  I have to admit they are way more flavoursome and all you do is heat and serve with rice.  

And I do try and be more inspired a least a few times a week.  I got some new recipe books lately which has helped.

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