Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No Internet!!

Boy am I missing having an internet connection at home. I have had to pay a visit to our local library tonight (great that's its free!) to keep myself connected with the world. Nah its actually all the scrapbooking forums I am missing out on... Well hopefully only another week.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums! We had some funny conversations with "Mums" at work today about their mother's days. It gives me the impression that for the most part kids and Dads don't think much of it and us women get disappointed with the lack of attention and effort. Hit reckons cards and gifts aren't worth anything if people are forced to give them. Yes but I along with most other Mums like the idea of breakfast in bed and a day off from housework and cooking and sentimental cards that express how wonderful we are and girly gifts. Definately not power tools like Marriage Man was suggesting at church on Sunday. (MM did a very funny version of the Sound of Music's favourite things song which included all his crazy inventions that are meant to make his wife's life easier as his favourite things. Very clever! When it comes on utube check it out.) But whether I got spoilt on this one day of the year or not I know my family express their love and appreciation of me in many ways at other times.

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