Monday, May 5, 2008


We got to go bushwalking with some good friends of ours on Sunday afternoon and here are some of the photos we took.  Its great that there are a lot of scenic places so close to where we live now.

Hit getting clucky (now what's with that??) with baby Adele, 8 weeks old.

Kalyani spent most of the walk on Dad's shoulders (she really did!) until the way back when she HAD to walk by herself.  Chris started a great game of swinging her forward every so often to help us all move along faster.

Love that hair girl!  Love how she's holding onto you Dad!

Adele was exhausted after the long strenous walk and so decided to have a sleep.  What about Mum who carried her?  

Kalyani enjoyed a lot trying to balance and walk along the pipe following the road we were on.  But just after this photo she decides this is a perfect opportunity to direct Chris where ever she wanted them to go.

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