Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the Mend

Here are the gorgeous flowers I got given for my birthday from work.  The cool thing was that we had only just changed florists and I was the first person to receive a bouquet from the new florist.  Everyone was suitably impressed!  Check them out at

Overall I had a lovely birthday even though I did feel pretty sick.  Thanks everyone who made the day special for me! Hit did heaps to spoil me and I really appreciate it.  This week I am finally feeling a lot better and not coughing so much.  Kalyani seems back to her energetic self and is eating normally again.  That meant a second helping of cereal this morning.

Sunday afternoon we went down to the Gosnells Railway Markets and then to Pioneer Park.  Kalyani thought the park was the best bit.  Though she was in awe of all the other kids and spent a lot of time checking out what was happening around her.  Hit and I were surprised by how multicultural the group of kids that were playing there were.  You could almost think Gosnells was a pretty diverse place.   

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