Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Alone

I'm home alone tonight- well Kalyani is here but she is in bed asleep.  I've caught another nasty virus so I wasn't feeling up to going to connect group tonight.  Hit has gone and here's hoping they all enjoy my birthday cake.  Yep I turn 32 tomorrow.  I will be working but I am catching up with a friend for lunch.  Thanks Miriam for your early birthday wishes.  Your card was such an encouragement.  Thanks Mum for the phone call tonight.

Kalyani and I did have a good day though despite how lousy I was feeling.  Thanks Hit for praying for us this morning.  Thankyou God for your faithfulness!  Our daughter (she's almost 19 1/2 months Sulekha- born 31st Aug 06) is a treasure.  This morning she got some books and I got some scrapbooking magazines and we lay on the bed with her special pink rug over us and read together. How I appreciate those quieter moments.

A thought from my Happy Birthday Therapy book by Lisa Engelhardt... Celebrate the cycles of your life- the bringing forth, the flowering in fullness, the pruning back, the lying dormant.  Give yourself gracefully to the season of now.

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