Saturday, April 5, 2008


What  is it about doodling?  I've completed my first page for the cybercrop tonight.  This challenge had to be a page including stamping and doodling.  Me - once I start doodling I find it hard to stop.  I could easily fill a whole page that way not that would necessarily look very good.  I am one of those people who ends up with a whole page of doodling while talking to someone on the phone or listening to a sermon or a lecture or writing a shopping list or...   Just let me scribble!

Kalyani and I got to go storytime this morning at our local library.  The lady who takes it does an excellent job I think keeping the attention of some many young kids.  I love seeing the excitement of some of the kids as they recognise the subjects in the stories.  Kalyani is more interested at this point in the other people there than she is in the story.  Though she loves reading books when she is at home on her own.  Afterwards we went op shopping and I got a few bargains.  Poor Hit is in bed early again tonight as he is fighting off another cold.  

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